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This makes me die a little inside

November 11th, 2008 by

The peeps from – an entire website dedicated to “users and abusers” of BlackBerries worldwide (you know, those pocket-sized calendar/computer/cellphone hybrids that allow you to never, ever – not even for a millisecond – be out of touch with anyone – ever – in your social and professional network) – ran a “What would you do for a BlackBerry Storm?” contest.

BlackBerry idiot addict, T.J., answered that question with a calf tattoo of – what else? – a BlackBerry complete with “iPhone sucks” scrawled underneath to become CrackBerry’s first contest winner of a brand new BlackBerry Storm. Are you all groaning as loudly as I am?

I’m sure T.J. won’t feel like a complete moron in a couple of years for permanently altering his appearance in exchange for a piece of hardware that doesn’t retail for more than a few hundred bucks. I’m sure, since he obviously put so much thought into it and because it’s of something that’s so dear to his heart, he’ll always love his BlackBerry Storm tattoo…even when he’s old and gray and the Storm’s technology is as modern and advanced as the Atari.

The CrackBerry “What would you do for a BlackBerry Storm?” contest awards ten applicants with new Storms (BlackBerry’s answer to the Apple iPhone) and will release the names and deeds of the other nine losers winners in the coming days so be sure to look for that.

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