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UK Pop Star Robbie Williams Uses Tattoo to Contact Aliens

November 11th, 2008 by

Robbie Williams, the Boy Band Extraordinaire- turned junkie- turned solo artist, now claims he is in direct contact with aliens through the tattoo on his neck.

The tattoo is the Egyptian Eye of Horus, said to have been a symbol of protection and power from deities. Once shown on images of deities like Hathor, Horus’ mother. The Eye of Horus is now serving a string-and-two-tin-cans kind of purpose for Williams, who plans to make communication with our alien brethren very soon.

It’s not Williams’ first trip to the Paranormal rodeo, but his obsession with extra terrestrials is relatively new. He recently teamed up with the ECTI, (Enlightened Contact with Terrestrial Intelligence,) a US group founded by James Gilliland, and has been spending a lot of his free time at UFO conventions and local alien “hot spots.” Williams claims to have had alien encounters on three separate occasions, and is reported to be considering dumping his music career all together in favor of full time UFO research.

Intergalactic expert, Michael Luckman, told Bang Showbiz recently, “”By design, Robbie seems to be preparing himself, body, mind and soul, to take the ultimate journey to space in the very near future.”

“I believe that Robbie is being drawn to James Gilliland’s 70-acre ranch near Mount Adams, Washington, for what could well be the most significant event in human history – the joining of the civilizations. The place is known as America’s number one UFO hotspot and is a magnet for true believers in aliens.”

No word yet on when the ECTI group plans to break out the Welcome Banner, but we’re guessing William’s E.T. walkie-talkie will help lead the way.

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