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Artist Interview: “T” Massari of Electric Soul

December 8th, 2008 by

“T” Massari
42033 6Th. St. West
Lancaster, CA 9353

My Name is “T” Massari and I own and tattoo at Electric Soul Tattooing in Lancaster, CA. Me and my lovely wife (Alexandria Massari) decided in 2005 to open our own shop and mold it into what we thought a tattoo shop should be. It has been a ton of work and alot of sleepless nights, but now we are exactly where we want to be. Electric Soul Tattooing is a custom tattoo shop that believes in a higher quality of tattooing as well as a higher quality of shop environment. We have a family of acceptionally talented artists with good motivated attitudes and the tattoo shop is super relaxed with a high class salon feel.

Type of tattoos you enjoy doing
I love doing almost anything realistic in color or black and grey, and i tend to always come back to neo-traditional. Traditional seems to suit my drawing style best and i love using all the crazy colors, fat out lines and a ton of black.

Tell us a Funny/Interesting story related to tattooing
Tattooing has more or less saved my life and given me an awesome career that I love. I finally found a job where i can make a good living and actually be excited to go to work every day!

Do you take more walk ins or appointments
I work off of appointments. At Electric Soul there is 5 other artists than myself, so there is almost always someone available for a walk-in.

Who is your typical customer?
My typical customer is someone that usually wants either portraiture work, or bigger custom work. I do a ton of realistic stuff, lots of sleeves, leg sleeves, stuff like that. Its gotten to the point where if I am not interested in taking on a project I dont have to. I am super lucky and have a really good clientel of loyal customers.

Your thoughts on the state of tattoo culture
Its kind of wierd that so many people are heavily tattooed now, its alot different than it used to be. Its kind of a double edged sword though, that brings in alot of canvas’s for tattoo artists to work on. I think things are good.

Your thoughts on Miami Ink & Inked… and other tattoo tv
The shows are OK. I watch Miami Ink sometimes, thats really the only show I watch off and on. Once again its the kinda thing that kinda mainstreams tattooing, its good and its bad.

Tell us who you want to be tattooed by:
Mike DeMassi, Robert Atkinson, Nathan Kostechko, Terry Oh, Jose Lopez, and lots of other people. There are soo many awesome artists out these days completely tearing it up. Its really exciting. Everytime i go on the internet i learn something, or get motivation from someone new. It really makes me want to learn new things and do things differently.

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