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Bacon Tattoos- The Ultimate Ode

December 31st, 2008 by

Most of us meat eaters love bacon. There is just something about the greasiness and that right from the frying pan smell that pulls on the heart strings of every carinvore. Which is probably why we started putting bacon where bacon may not necessarily belong; on our salads, on top of veggies, in chocolate bars, and even tattooed on our bodies. That is, at least in the case of hte contest being held by the Royal Bacon Society.

In cause you aren’t in the bacon loop, the Royal Bacon Society is a group of bacon-minded individuals with one of the most detailed bacon websites ever created. This site has everything you could ever need to know about bacon including receipies and a store. They’re also running a contest to see who has the best bacon related tattoo.

The Royal Bacon Society’s resident blogger, Marianne, is enlisting all of those with a love of bacon to submit their favorite bacon pictures via e-mail to the society by January 31st. The finalists will then be submitted on the website and everyone can choose a winner. The winning photo will end up being a bacon tattoo featured on Marianne’s husband.

I can honestly say I’ve never thought of getting a bacon tattoo, even though I do love the occasional BLT, but the idea sounds interesting enough. If you have any photos to share, be sure to send them over.

Check out the full contest information at;

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