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Byebye BBQ, Hello Professional Branding!

December 4th, 2008 by

I love tattoos. I especially love my tattoos (I’m a little biased…go figure). My husband has been around long enough to witness my progression from plain and pasty to gorgeously colorful (that’s me left) and while he adores me and my ink, he has a body art passion of his own: branding. 

My man, an ex-football player, got his first brand in university – a 5-inch rune signifying fraternity and brotherhood on his right arm that matches those of the other members of his college team. I’ve heard the story many times – my husband having to repeat it anytime someone curiously inquires about his perfectly formed “scar” – and I still cringe at the tale that involves a bent coat hanger, a BBQ and some serious scab-picking (apparently someone on the team was a wimp and flinched before the brand had burned through the skin satisfactorily so it had to be redone…*gag*). He’s always expressed interest in getting another one done and was pointedly eyeing up the cattle prods on a recent trip to Arizona. 

I can’t help but think it strange that my husband would voluntarily submit to someone brandishing a piping hot piece of metal (I know I should be more open-minded considering the hours I’ve spent under the tattoo needle) but apparently he isn’t the only one. I was reading an online article on tattooing on ABC News’ website and this article in the “Related” section caught my eye. According to the story, “tattoos have become commonplace, and body modification has become weirder and wilder than ever before. The latest fad in England is new and hot — literally.” 

Holier Than Thou is one of the few studios in the UK to do branding and does so by method of strike, cautery and electrocautery. The studio applies the same high standards, level of hygiene, sterilization and aftercare to their brands as they do to tattoos. Looking at their photo gallery, I found myself surprised and delighted at the quality of the branding designs and the interesting effect branding produces. 

Now that I’ve discovered this, I think it’s safe to say that a trip to Manchester is in our future. I still don’t want to smell the crispy flesh of the love of my life as it burns into a design but at least now I know it can be done in a safe and controlled environment sans BBQ thankyouverymuch.

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