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December 31st, 2008 by

Ok, I thought I had heard just about every stupid negative reaction to tattoos, and tattooing in general that there was. Some were absolutely hilarious, some were enough to make certain that you didn’t get to enjoy that burrito you ate thirty minutes ago for very long. Still I think I would be hard pressed to find a more idiotic piece of pure crap than this one.

Did you know that tattoos are responsible for the current economic slump??!! I didn’t know that we held up so much of the world’s economy!! But according to this jerk off we do.

What’s even funnier is through his entire anemographic rant, he doesn’t give a single shred of evidence to back up his moronic claim, just a lot of religious finger pointing that reminds one of the game where you try to link Kevin Bacon to every successful movie of Hollywood. You would have thought that he would at the least try to back up his title with a little bit of some kind of statistic……but nooooooo!

The first laugh, or barf as the case may be, comes with the goof’s handle, Objective Scrutator. Trust me there is nothing objective, nor much in the way of scrutiny about this rabid accuser. At least no more so than there was for the Spanish Inquisition, and we all know how objective those boys were.

He then goes on to nothing short of a name calling rant the like of which a three year old would be proud of. Such as claiming in a round about way that tattoo artists can’t even spell. Funny because he can’t spell amusement, iniquity, or hallucination to name just a few. Maybe it’s the small words we have trouble with?

He even goes on to say that the money spent on tattoo’s, and laser removal would be better spent on “well-meaning enterprises like Regnery or Enron”??? What the Fuck??? Was I asleep or wasn’t Enron one of the biggest den of rip off artists ever to stick it to it’s investors??!! Yeah, that’s a well meaning enterprise all right. At least tattoo artists have never taken someone’s money without giving them something of lasting value in it’s place. More enjoyable than the royal screwing Enron gave it’s customers.

Then to add to his obvious lack of knowledge he goes on to accuse a college professor, who didn’t give him the answer he wanted, of subscribing to “a rigid set of values, refusing to teach anything other than the same old blather story”. To steal a quote of my own from his source……”Thou hypocrite!”

Then there is this memorable quote, which if nothing else proves just how delusional this idiot really is. “If the Democrats have their way, this Social Security money will be obligated to be sent to tattoo parlors so that our elderly can dress up their decaying skin pores.”

By the Gods I hope so. If the government were to pump half the bailout money they are pumping into the greed driven corporations, that are the real culprits in the current economic slump, maybe I could get a cataract operation tomorrow and open my shop again!

Check out the whole article and you will understand why some people should never be let near a word processor……or better yet, Why their parents should never have been allowed to breed in the first place.

Hey, notice that I did spell all my words correctly? I must be a mutant tattoo artist, or at least smart enough to use spell check.

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