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December 25th, 2008 by

Something that use to piss me off was having some joker come into the shop looking for a temporary tattoo. I didn’t do temps and never would. I did tattoos and if you didn’t have the balls to commit to the real deal I didn’t have the time of day for your wussie ass, still don’t.

It takes a special kind of person to get a tattoo, someone willing to commit to life, not some geek who wants to play dress up for a day or two. If all you want to do is play dress up to show how cool you are, wait for Halloween, or better yet, go back to putting on your parents clothing so you can pretend to be grown up.

Temptoos are only good for three things, Hollywood, Halloween, and painting up the kiddies who are too young to make a decision like tattoos for themselves. Having a temp doesn’t make you a member of the tattoo community. It just proves you are a poser, and yes I have heard all the arguments for having some makeup artist apply a fake tattoo to your hide.

“They make me feel a bit wilder.” They are a great way to test drive a design, (only if you already have the real deal, Bub.)” “They do wonders for one’s self-image, teasing out the biker, rapper or gridiron star that lurks inside the suit.”


If you truly had any of that crap going on you would have a real tattoo. All you are doing is trying to be something you are not, and your about as believable as a duck pretending your a lion. The truth is you are little more than a geek trying to be cool. That’s it, nothing more, and your psychobabble doesn’t verify your pathetic existence in the least to me. Your still a poser.

My tattoos don’t come off with a cotton ball and a little rubbing alcohol. Neither do I want them to. I am what you are pretending to be with your movie picture make up job. To be blunt, I don’t give two cents and a good spit for you inner biker, rapper, or anything else you think you are on the inside. All you really are is a fake.

I, and thousands out there just like me, will still be around when fad wears off. We will still be the people you only dream of being. People with courage, strength, and the balls to say that this is who we are. You will still be hiding in your pathetic life, wishing you could be us.

The true, the proud, the tattooed.

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