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January 21st, 2009 by

After reading “Please Don’t Let This Ever Happen” I began to wonder. Yes, the thought creeped me out as well, so I began to check a few things out. The result of my research creeped me out even more. In fact it gave me nasty visions of George Orwell’s 1985.

As a rule tattoo enthusiasts are big on freedom. Especially personal freedom. One of the darkest uses of tattooing had to be the Holocaust of Nazi Germany. Using the art as a means of “tagging” and “tracking” human beings as if they were no better than herd animals really makes my blood boil. Now some greedy money grubbing jackass scientists are at it again!

I am speaking of RFID (radio frequency identification) ink. A product that it’s scum sucking manufacturer, Somark, tries to play off as a product intended for radio tracking of agriculture animals, yet also goes out of it’s way to add that it can be used for tracking humans as well. Shades of Seig Heil! Just how far up their collective asses do these jerks have their heads?

According to an article in Computer Weekly: “Somark said it had successfully tested its Biocompatible Chipless RFID Ink product on cattle and laboratory rats and proved the “efficacy of injecting and reading a ‘tattoo’ within the skin of animals”.

“The technology will be used initially in the livestock industry to help identify and track cattle, and help mitigate export trade loss from BSE scares.”

Secondary target markets include laboratory animals, dogs and cats, prime cuts of meat and military personnel, according to the company.”

It wouldn’t be the first time a scare tactic has been used to cut down, if not outright eliminate certain human rights. I can see this shit being used as a method of keeping America safe from “terrorists” and “illegals” already. I can also see “Big Brother” tracking your every move. What you buy, where you go, who your sleeping with.

At the moment the tattoos can only be read from about a meter away, and through the hair of the cattle that it has been used on, and the only humans it has been suggested for are the military. Still, if anything history has proved that technology does not stand still. We have satellites that can pinpoint a lit match anywhere on the surface of the Earth. It wouldn’t be hard to foresee pin pointing RFID ink.

Now, I am sick to my stomach. Personally, I’d rather keep my ID in my wallet, my ink decorative, and “Big Brother’s nose” out of my ass!

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