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February 2nd, 2009 by

Time and again on The Tattoo Blog we’ve complained, warned and just plain spoken out against scratchers and their services.   This week I stumbled upon a news story that takes the scratcher phenomenon to all new levels of shittiness.  What sort of levels are we talking about here?  Well, Dominque Fisher of Blackburn, England is currently on trial this week for “tattooing” Wayne Robinson with a Stanley Knife (box cutter) after a two-night long drug and alcohol fueled bender.

After regaining consciousness around 2am on the second night of their partying together, Robinson discovered that he was covered in blood.  Upon closer inspection, Robinson spotted a star carved into his back, “Dominique” carved into his chest and “tribal art” on his left arm.   Fisher, who had done the artwork for Robinson, was passed out next to him on the bed.

Between them, the pair had sucked back something in the neighbourhood of 30 valium within the course of two days.  This coupled with shots of vodka had apparently brought about the inspiration for some body art.  Fisher maintains that Robinson had requested the tattoos, asking for a “tribal one”, while Robinson argues that he did not consent to any tattooing of his body.

Regardless of who is telling the truth or in the wrong here, they both get Grand Master Idiot awards.  A very good gauge of when you’ve had too much alcohol and too many prescription drugs for the night is right around that moment when you think that letting someone cut your flesh with a knife is a good idea.  Conversely, the moment you pick up a knife and go to work on someone’s flesh with your non-existent tattooing skills…yeah, that’s pretty much game over in the party department. 


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