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March 2nd, 2009 by

This week I’m short on patience.  Most likely it’s due to the energy-sucking cold that is currently ravaging my body, but when I saw that certain rich Russians are using their spare cash to have their cats tattooed, I wanted to break something.  Fortunately, there isn’t much in my apartment to break, so instead I’ll just settle for a nice rant.

Anyone who gets their cat tattooed is a first class dick.  Not to bring this down to the level of childish name calling and mud-slinging, but let’s just be straight forward here.  There’s really no polite name for anyone who would take a defenceless animal, knock it out with drugs and then proceed to force a painful vanity procedure on it.  If you do that sort of thing, you’re not fashionable, you’re not original and you’re not enviable.  What you are is a dick.

I’m not saying that all the blame rests with the cat’s owner either.  No self respecting tattoo artist should ever be in the business of tattooing animals.  I highly doubt that this sort of procedure is going to catch on in the west, as the article goes on to mention.  But if it does, know that the people who have to be responsible for the trend are the tattoo artists.  I can’t see tattoo artists booking cats and dogs over people.  Call me crazy, but it just doesn’t seem likely.  Mostly because it’s cruel and tacky but also because there would be an outright PETA riot and who the hell wants to deal with those guys?

Okay.  When the day comes that a cat walks into a tattoo shop and asks for Tutankhamun’s likeness on its neck, I’m all for cats getting inked.  Until that day comes however, let’s just stick to people.  Deal?

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