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Madison Ave Gets a Heads Up.

March 29th, 2009 by

Since I got on the subject in another blog, I figured, “Why not keep the ball rolling with a few people who did the job right?”

A legal secretary in California named Terry Gardner recently shaved her own head for the sake of advertising. The difference being that the tattoo covering the back of her head is a temporary tattoo. Now here is probably the first, and only time I will sing the praises of temp tats.

As part of an advertising campaign for Air New Zealand, Ms. Gardner and about 30 more people shaved their heads and had the advertisement, ““Need A Change? Head Down to New Zealand.” put on in henna. For which the chosen few received their choice of either a round-trip ticket to New Zealand worth $1,200, or $777 in cash.

Given that henna wears off, leaving no trace after a while it seems if your going to rent out your body to advertise a temp would be the way to go.

According to Jodi Williams, director of marketing for Air New Zealand, “The participants were, in marketing parlance, ideal brand ambassadors: when co-workers or strangers behind them in the grocery store line asked about New Zealand, they could speak enthusiastically right off the top of their heads.” (pun intended). Considering that most of the chosen participants were from New Zealand, I can see why.

To make matters even better Air New Zealand donated all of the shorn locks to Locks of Love, a group that makes hairpieces for children who have gone bald from illnesses.

Now, that is not only good advertisement, but just plain cool!

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