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Steve-O Covers Up

March 9th, 2009 by

I think that my favourite Steve-O tattoo is the one that he has of himself on his back, giving the thumbs up.  Then again, I’m not sure.  There’s just so many to choose from.  I mean, there’s the tattoo on his ass that plainly reads “Your name”, enabling Steve-O to confidently bet anyone that he has “your name tattooed on my ass”.  And of course, there’s the baby portrait of himself.  All of these are most certainly classics of a certain regard.  Steve-O it seems, has made a career out of tattooing things on his body that most people would never consider.  It’s as though he’s intended his body to be as hilarious and as head shakingly disturbing as the stunts he regularly performs both on his own and as a member of the Jackass crew.  To put it bluntly in his own words:

“I never get a tattoo unless I know it will make somebody smile.”

But Steve-O has had a difficult past year.  There have been arrests and substance abuse issues that shed light on a very dark side to the world in which he inhabits.  Hopefully however, those days are behind Steve-O and he can continue making people smile and enjoying life to its fullest.  His initiative to stay clean in both body and mind has found its way to his tattoos, as he’s recently decided to get rid of some of what he has in preparation of an image change.  Cool.  Whatever works.  So what does that mean exactly?  Well, he’s covering up two tattoos in particular: the pot leaf on his wrist and the dribbling dick on his arm.  I’m never one to judge people on their tattoos (at least not good tattoos), but I’d have to say that it’s a pretty good idea for Steve-O to decide that it’s time to cover up the dick and the leaf.  I’m not really going to elaborate on that.  Yeah.

What this means for all the big Steve-O/Jackass fans out there with some artistic ability is that Steve-O is accepting submissions for what his cover up tattoos should be.  I’m thinking that the dick should be turned into an elephant’s trunk and that the trunk should wrap around his forearm into his palm where there are three peanuts about to be sucked up. But that’s just me.  If you however, are the type who can actually come up with a good suggestion, then submit your stuff and on March 23rd, you just might be the owner of a new T-shirt and the personal satisfaction of Steve-O wearing your tattoo idea.

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