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Tattoo Abuse

March 23rd, 2009 by

A 41-year-old Singapore man has been sentenced to two years and ten months in jail after he aided in the forced tattooing of his friend’s wife in August of 2006.  The husband of the woman was sentenced to a three year jail term in 2007, having conceived of the plan to tattoo his wife as punishment for what he believed to be unfaithful behavior on her part.  In addition to the prison sentence, the 41-year-old “freelance” tattooist will receive six strokes with the cane.

The attack took place after the woman arrived at the apartment of a friend early one morning.  There she found her husband and his friend waiting for her.  The woman was shoved into a bedroom by her husband, at which point the husband and his “freelance” tattooist friend held her down, gagging her with a towel and tying her legs and arms to the four corners of the bed.  The husband of the woman then sat on her legs as his friend went to work with the tattoo gun, branding her breasts, abdomen and forearms.

11 laser surgery sessions later and the woman still has a long way to go with regards to removing the tattoos.  In addition to this, the tattoos were not professionally done and as a result, there will be many scars and a certain amount of skin damage.  There are no photos available of the woman’s flesh, but from the sounds of it, the results of this brutal attack are most likely not too easy to stomach.  Abuse is never a pleasant subject, but when the abuse is done with a tattoo needle, the scars are both mental and physical.

The sentences themselves also seem relatively light for a country such as Singapore, where strict adherence to the law is no joking matter.  But the idea of this scratcher getting six licks with the cane that Singaporean justice enlists is also a pretty brutal punishment.  If you’re not familiar with the caning punishment, the canes pictured below are actual canes used for this um, procedure.  The prisoner is bent over and whipped across the bare ass.  Hard.  I’ve seen these canes in person as well as the set up for the entire operation, and let me tell you that six lashes with that cane will make mister scratcher wish he’d never been born.

Crazy world.

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