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Cry-Babyshambles Backside.

April 1st, 2009 by

It seems that Peter Doherty, lead singer for the alt-rock group The Babyshambles, and one time love interest of super model Kate Moss, has recently turned the other cheek. So to speak.

Doherty had the idea to have a third tattoo added to his collection of one on his neck, and the heart he had inscribed for Kate. Problem was this time he hit  rock bottom. Perhaps he was sober for once in his life? What ever the reason he wussed out and only got half the tattoo done.

The tattoo? Well, depending on who you ask it was the single word “Wasteland” to be tattooed on his tail. The tat was inspired by his supposedly love of the poem of the same name by T.S. Eliot, but it seems strange that the title of his new album is “Grace/Wastelands”. So, was this a real tribute, or just a cheap publicity stunt? Either way all that Pete has permanently emblazoned on his bum is the word “Waste”.

Fairly appropriate when you consider the main function of the area tattooed and the thought that he couldn’t even finish a single word on one of the toughest areas of the human anatomy. The letters must have been at least two inches tall, and half inch wide block style with major shading!

Maybe he didn’t get tanned there often enough growing up. Though considering some of his antics, stealing from a friend and band mate, in and out of rehab more times than Lindsey  Lohan, I’m not real sure he ever did. Grow up that is.

Ah well……at least he’s properly labeled now.

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