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Easy Off Ink

April 14th, 2009 by

Research scientists at the New Jersey based Freedom2 Inc. have developed a new product called “Infinitink”, which is a black tattoo ink designed specifically for people who might one day want to have their tattoos removed.  The ink doesn’t exactly rub off, but its removal takes far fewer of those (apparently) painful laser removal appointments.  Tests showed that a tattoo was completely removed after 2 laser sessions, whereas a typical tattoo can take up to 20 visits before it disappears.

All right…So uh, anyway, is anyone excited?

Okay, okay, I won’t be a downer on this one.  I mean, on one hand, knowing that your tattoo can be removed relatively easily if need be could be a comfort for some people.  Sure, that could be the case…but I don’t know, there’s something about this idea that strikes me as really well…lazy.  Call me crazy, call me stupid, but in my eyes a tattoo should be a big decision.  Yes, I agree that not everyone sees it as a big decision, but those people shouldn’t be rewarded for their inability to take responsibility.  Do we really need to relegate the tattoo to something frivolous, something with junk-food-easy- answer status?  What’s that?  Your Star Wars back piece tattoo doesn’t seem as cool as you thought it was ten years ago?  Too bad.  Make better choices next time. It’s all part of growing up.  Why are scientists always busting their asses working on stuff like this, anyway? Where’s that fucking cure for cancer already?

I know, I know…this will end up being a good thing.  Right?  Right?

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