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April 5th, 2009 by

OK. It takes a lot to piss me off, but having the Moral Oral’s run around putting the tattooing and body modification community down for what we do with our own bodies is something that gets my blood boiling in short order. To be short, as long as you are an adult and not hurting anyone else, what you do with, or to your body is nobody’s business. Not mine, not the governments, (or at least it shouldn’t be), and certainly not the “moral” folks out there who seem to believe they have the right to dictate how everyone else is supposed to live.

Case in point a recent article by Joseph Farah that uses the same heading as a book by David Kupelian titled “The Marketing of Evil”. The full title of the thinly disguised, religious right, article with byline is, “Discriminate against tattoos, piercings at your own risk. Employers with appearance codes face lawsuits from ‘body modification’ activists.

Apparently this is a re-print from an article originally posted in Oct. 2006. Close enough since it appears in the World Net Daily, owned by the afore mentioned Farah. Apparently he couldn’t find anything new to write about and decided to re-toss the same disinformation turd at us a second time. Since the article has his copyright placed on it, I have to wonder if he paid the people who’s images he used in the article for that right? All of them chosen, of course, for their extreme tattoos and body mods.

Very little is said throughout the article about the strides made in sterilization , art, or clinical atmosphere prevalent in licensed tattoo studios across the U.S. However there is plenty to say about the “dangers” of tattooing and body modification. All slanted so that it would seem like getting a tattoo is just short of suicidal. Including the suggestion that tattooed skin has so much nerve damage that it is less sensitive than non-tattooed skin.

Worst of all it makes the tattoo community look like the “bad guys” for standing up for our rights and not being afraid to say that we won’t be discriminated against just because we like our art, and our piercings. Neither of which make the slightest difference in the character, or abilities of the person who has them. If you’re a good person, no amount of tattooing is going to make you a bad person, and vice versa.

Isn’t it interesting that those who kept trying to beat it into our heads that it isn’t what’s on the outside that counts, but what’s on the inside, seem to do and about two-face, when it comes to something that doesn’t fit into their “moral code for the masses“.

Look into history and you’ll notice something. Every single time these moral assholes have stuck their noses into everybody else’s business the result has been a disaster much worse than the thing they were up in arms about. The temperance movement led directly to the creation of organized crime. The discriminatory laws, (originally aimed at blacks and Mexicans), against a certain plant has led to the creation of more criminals and destroyed lives than the plant itself could in and of itself.

Not to mention that when you scratch the surface, you will almost inevitably find a skeleton in the closet that dwarfs the “evil” they fight against. To be short, maybe they should remove the beam from their own eyes before they try to pull the speck out of ours.

While I’m not one for lawsuits; I prefer to gain acceptance by character and what’s on the inside, I’ll certainly stand beside anyone who feels the need to fight for their rights in that way. Discrimination based on appearance is wrong and I hope one day we will learn better.

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