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Crayzee Mothercluckers

May 11th, 2009 by

Mother’s day is indeed a special day of the year, a day when we take the time to think about all the things that are associated with the person who brought us into this world.  There’s the caring and all the loving and kindness, and there’s tattoos and oh yeah, there’s also fried chicken.

Well, if fried chicken and tattoos aren’t yet synonymous with the word “mother”, corporate fried chicken juggernauts KFC are at least doing their damnedest to get the collective thought process moving in exactly that direction.

This year, starting on Friday, May 8th and running until Sunday, May 10th, KFC gave $10 gift checks to the first 200 people who uploaded photos of their “mom-themed” tattoos onto their website each day.  Not only that, but KFC was smart enough to provide downloadable, temporary, mom-themed tattoos on their site for anyone who didn’t actually have a real tattoo of their own.

The entire thing was a promotion for the new Kentucky Grilled Chicken, and was highlighted by the KFC website’s funky-ass bass lines riffing to a woman (presumably a mom), who danced around with a drumstick in each hand.  Sniff…I know…it gets me right in the old ticker too.  Oh mom, every time I smell greasy-ass fried chicken I’ll forever think of you.

But yeah, further proof of tattoos hitting the mainstream.  Make of it what you will.

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