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Finger Lick’n Good.

May 24th, 2009 by

Not long ago a new fad, as some have called it, in tattooing began gaining ground. A bacon tattoo blog that Ange posted here on Tattoo Blog recently seems to have been the tip of the cupcake. To say the least. So, with your permission, I’m gon’na piggy back off that great post and continue with the broader emerging scene of food tattoos.

Saltshakers to Flying Pizzas, the people who want to immortalize their fav food are getting it tattooed on. Now there are quite a few who see this as a coming boon for the laser removal crowd, and it could very well be. I’m just not seeing it that way myself. Different folks like different things and there are many still life paintings dedicated to food. So, if the person has a food tattoo and they like it, I see no reason to tell them their going to regret that.

The Tattoo Gods know I’ve had that said about some of my work, and it was only true once. A lover’s name tattoo. The rest stay. I like ‘em!

All that matters in the end is what someone wants to turn into living art. And there’s some damn fine work being done out there. I can’t link you to all of them, but here are some sweet food tattoos from my research. Epicurean Art: Amazing Food Tattoos,by lanne, Dec 31, 2008.

Things like this are one of the reasons I love tattooing. Nothing is sacred. Tattooing covers more tastes, subjects, and all around pure art than any other medium I can think of. Pop Culture, Fine Art, Cartoon, Low Brow; the list is endless……and a hell of a lot less boring for the artist!

Ya just never know what you’re going to get asked to do. Food themed tattoos are just another challenge to be inked with the same skill as the last portrait. As long as the collector loves it, that’s all that matters in the end.

I can’t wait to see what tattoo collectors want next. I’m sure it will be anything but un-original and boring.

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