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May 27th, 2009 by

Think that misspellings only occur in Kanji tattoos, Arabic tattoos, and my posts? Well I’m afraid I have some bad news for you chuckles. It happens more often than anyone would like to admit, and can cause some hilarious results with the spelling nazis out there.

There is really very little you can do with a misspelled tattoo once it‘s been indelibly inscribed into your hide, other than get it covered up. So it is probably a good idea to spell check that stencil before you get into the chair. The stencil can be corrected, your tattoo can’t. So don’t be shy about letting your artist know the stencil is misspelled. He’s not going to get all bent out of shape, and will be more than happy to fix the stencil.

Another way to get a misspelled tattoo is to be a complete asshole and piss your artist off. Deliberate misspellings, as well as some other tattoo skulduggery, as been a hallmark of the angry artist for as long as the art has been practiced.

Deliberate, or not, tattoo misspellings can happen to everyone, including celebrities. For example:

Hero’s beauty Hayden Panettiere has been recently showing off the misspelled ““Vivere senza rimipianti” running down her side. The actual spelling of rimipianti is rimpianti. Coincidentally, the Italian phrase means “Live Without regrets.”

Hayden Panettiere

Soccer star David Beckham has a misspelled tattoo of his wife’s name.

And we all ready know about Rihanna’s faux pas with the now famous Sanskrit tattoo.

This also happens in English, though, if you think you are safe there. I’ve seen misspelled quotes, “Tammie” spelled “Tammy” to the chagrin of the client who didn’t check first. As well as many other English spelling mistakes that weren’t even noticed until a few weeks later.

So remember to check that spelling before you commit to the ink. Unless you want a memorial tattoo that reads, “Loving spouse and fiend” permanently embedded in your otherwise sweet tattoo.

Piece out, Gang. 😉
(Yeah, I did that on purpose.)

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