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Tattoo My Ass.

May 11th, 2009 by

Ok! I have to ask. WTF is up with all of this shit that wants to cash in on the ever increasing social acceptance, and popularity of tattooing by calling themselves “tattoos”? Let me give you a breakdown, I have seen laser branding call itself a tattoo. I have seen flaying the skin to produce a big scar in a particular design call itself a tattoo. I have even seen people who will put a sticker on themselves, bake in the Sun, and call it a Sun tattoo. Now there is a new brand of women’s masochistic panties that is bragging about it’s ability to produce a temporary tattoo on her ass??

We have had several posts that have dealt with the fashion trend in clothing that is using tattoo style artwork to promote themselves, even clothing that is supposed to fake a person having full sleeve tattoos, but this has to be the first time an article of clothing is going as far as to claim it will give you a tattoo, even though it is a temporary one, and not actually a tattoo at all!

To be honest none of my examples are actually tattoos in any respect. Are they body art? Yes. Are they body modification? Yes. Are they tattoos? Fuck No! A tattoo is a design, or artwork that is created by the introduction of pigment under the skin to produce a, (more or less), permanent mark. This should be real easy; No pigment, No tattoo.


All these so-called tattoo panties really are is a set of studs, or jewels on the inside of the garment that press into the skin as the girl sets down producing the same old joke in a new place. Aka, “Have you heard about the new corduroy pillow? It’s making headlines.” The “tattoo panties” are just as lame.

Look. It is none of my beeswax how you wish to modify your body to make what you perceive as art. It’s really none of my business what you try to do to make a buck. However, as a lover of tattoos and a former artist, it is my business when you do some lame assed piece of crap like this and try to pawn it off as any form of a tattoo. That is an outright lie.

Get off the bandwagon, and get a life for Christ sake!

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