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56 Star Tattoos… Don’t fall asleep or don’t show parents?

June 18th, 2009 by

The big news in Belgium is the 18 year old girl who now has 56 tattoos on her face… she’s claiming she asked for 3 star tatoos on her face, then fell asleep and woke up when she felt the pain of her nose getting tattooed. The tattoo artist said Vlaeminck had agreed to 56 stars.

“She was awake the whole time, I don’t use hypnosis or drugs. She agreed to it. The problems started when her father and his friend saw the tattoos,” said Tattoo artist Rouslan Toumaniantz.

It sounds like it’s turning into a he said/she said thing… first of all it’s not recommended for your first tattoo to be on your face, but then again may be the artist should have put it in writing how many star tattoos this person wanted on there face and there wouldn’t be any problems. The girl is suing for 9,000 euros to have the tattoos removed, while the tattoo artist is demanding his 50 euros for the cost of tattooing the girls face.

Follow up this is the guy who did the tattoo according to Daily Mail

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