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Casey’s tattoo, could be her downfall.

June 23rd, 2009 by

We’ve all heard stories about how tattoos have been used to identify criminals, or victims. How law enforcement has posted a person’s tattoos to help track them down, but this is the possibly the first time a tattoo may be used to help prove the prosecutions case.
Casey Anthony
Currently the DA’s office is seeking permission to go into the jail to take pictures of Casey Anthony’s tattoo, which she allegedly had done a week after Caylee Anthony’s disappearance. The tattoo, located on Casey’s back, reads “La Vita Bella,” which is Italian for “The Beautiful Life.”

Now at this point it is not hard to imagine just why the prosecutor is wanting photographs of the tattoo. Along with her other bizarre behavior following her daughter’s disappearance, Casey allegedly got the tattoo in honor of her daughter two weeks after the toddler vanished, and the state believes it could be important to their case.

Whether they feel the tattoo’s obscure message is proof that she already knew the little girl was dead, or some strange declaration of freedom is anybody’s guess at this point, but one thing is for certain. This has to rate as the all time saddest story ever involving a tattoo.

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