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Eraseable Tattoos?

June 4th, 2009 by

Considering all the hype and hullabaloo about tattoo removal out there now days I have been thinking. What makes the difference between a collector and someone who is just getting tattooed to be “cool”?

Recently even Playboy Playmate, reality television star and Hugh Hefner’s “number one girl”, Holly Madison, had her infamous Bunny Tramp Stamp removed, and my esteemed partner in crime, Mjones already outed Pharrell Williams’ attempts to remove his tattoos. Add to that the countless “do it at home” vultures out there with their tattoo regret quick fix’s. (Or, as I happily call them: Bullshit Artists.). I have to wonder what makes the difference between them and a true tattoo collector?

Holly Madison’s tramp stamp

Simple, a tattoo collector is serious about their ink. First, and foremost, they will think before they ink. Second, and here’s the tale of the tape, if a serious collector does happen to end up with a tattoo they regret, (Which isn’t often.), The first thought on their mind is not how to remove the tattoo, but what can I cover this up with?

That is the difference.

Naturally, I am biased. My own tattoos are not fads, they are not flavors of the month, and I certainly am not about to regret them. I didn’t get my tattoos to be cool. I got them because I wanted them. Even if I had not gotten the chance to be a tattoo artist, I would still have them. My ink is part of who I am.

So, if the only reason you want a tattoo is to be cool, or part of the current “in” crowd. Stick with the temporary shit. One, it will save you heaps of money, and pain. Two, a real tattoo won’t make you any less a poser. You’ll just have it lasered off anyway.

Me? I’ll be showing off my ink in the nursing home while trying to cop a feel off the cute nurses. It’s amazing how much of a distraction a good tattoo can be. 😉

Love your ink. Ink what you love.

(Hmmmm? Do you think a couple “nakid nursey” tats would tip my hand too much?)

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