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June 22nd, 2009 by

This week, I want to talk about this article that I read.  The article (for those of you who don’t actually feel like reading it), is by someone named Jancee Dunn, who writes for the Huffington Post.  Anyway, back to the point.  The article recounts her horror over the idea set forth by her 67-year-old mother to get a tattoo.

“Now, my mother is hardly the biker type. She’s a wholesome Talbot’s-sweater-wearing Southerner, a former flight attendant from the days when airlines had strict weight and grooming requirements.” 

Dunn’s attitudes toward tattoos really didn’t change throughout the article, even after she cited statistics about how popular tattoos have actually become.  Her mother did end up getting the tattoo she wanted however, a black raven on her wrist.

The rest of this is pretty much going to be about how awesome I think Jancee Dunn’s 67-year-old mother is.  Let’s hear it for Jancee Dunn’s 67-year-old mother, people!

All right.  Nice.  I honestly love it when people who don’t fit the “type” go out and get a tattoo because that totally obliterates stupid stereotypes about people who have tattoos.

 I also love it when people have the confidence to pursue the idea of a tattoo even when they know that it will cause waves with others.  I’ll never understand why some people have problems with what other people do with their bodies.

At any rate, nice one, Granny Dunn!

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