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Ocho Oh No!

June 15th, 2009 by

As tattoo enthusiasts we all know that tattoos are attention getting. That is one of the great things about tattoos, whether someone loves them or hates them doesn’t matter one bit. They still look. Tattoos speak your mind to the world around you.

So what does this say about Cincinnati Bengals receiver Chad Ochocinco’s latest bid for attention by faking out anyone who would pay attention to him with a few fake facial tattoos? Not a whole hell of a lot, I’m afraid.

A couple of days ago Chad sought to set the NFL ablaze with talk about him by swearing that he was getting his face tattooed on his Twitter blog. “Yall might not believe me but my tatoo guy is here and i getting my face done, looks cool to, dont be mad just accept the Ocho please” (Sic). Even going as far as to post the pictures of three obviously fake tattoos on the blog.

After several Bengals fans noted that the tattoos were obviously fakes, he posted the next day that it was all a big joke and that his grandmother would kill him if he got tattoos on his face. To me this sounds more like a lame attempt to save what little there is of his fan base after getting busted.

“Hey, guys! It was just a joke!” Yeah, right. Talk about lame.

While we may get use to posers who put on tempttoos in their sad attempt to show how cool they are, this has to rate as the all time low in a bid for attention by an obvious attention whore. Ochocinco could give lessons to Paris Hilton. What’s next, Ocho? An “accidental” flash of your junk with a henna tattoo as you get out of your car?

Give me a fucking break!

Look, if you want to get celebrity attention why not stick to playing football? Better yet, why not take the advice of your fans and start actually playing football instead of thinking up lame publicity stunts to get your name back in the headlines? Oh, and leave the temporary tattoos to the kiddies……at least they are more mature about it.

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