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Tattoo Removal Fact or Fiction

June 18th, 2009 by

I’ve been following the tattoo news recently and I keep noticing a trend more conservative newspapers keep writing articles about how with the job market the way it is more & more people are getting there tattoos removed. That just doesn’t make sense to me, if you ran a business and the world economy was crashing wouldn’t you hire the best possible to work for you regardless of there tattoos? What’s weird about these news sites talking about tattoo removal growing is they all have such disdain for tattoos in general.

“The prevalence of tattoos on American bodies was always and obviously a foreboding sign. Historically, tattoos signified “low” culture (prisons, gangs, steamships) and they’re the ultimate outward symbol of the short-term thinking that plagued society.” ~Business Insider

Many job seekers are doing everything they can, including tattoo removals, to look as polished as possible. ~News on 6

“During this tumultuous economy, there is no doubt jobs are hard to find. Securing employment may be even harder for individuals with obvious tattoos on their hands, neck, arms and other visible places.” ~Daily Democrat

At the end of the day the same people who dislike tattoos on there employees before the economic meltdown are the same people using that as an excuse not to higher you now. The picture that has accompanied goes with this article about a man who has a leg full of Chrysler tattoos.

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