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Why not just kick her dog?

June 11th, 2009 by

You know, it sometimes amazes me the length that tattoo haters will go to when attempting to show their disgust for one of humankind’s oldest art forms. Case in point the memorial tattoo that Aussie supermodel Lara Bingle had put on her wrist in memory of her father Graham Bingle’s passing away due to liver and pancreatic cancer last May.

Now, I’m not the most sensitive person in the world, and I can get downright nasty with certain things that I personally dislike, but kicking someone who got a tattoo in memory of a lost loved one is crossing the line. Just barely under defacing the deceased’s grave, and I place the anonymous author of this piece piece of literary crap right along side of people who would trip a blind man just for kicks.

Not only does he show his complete ignorance of the tattoo world by misidentifying the tattoo as a tramp stamp, (it’s on her wrist, by the way), but the insensitive reject from a prison rape has the miniscule balls to call it the worst tattoo he has ever seen. I’m sure he has seen enough to make himself an expert on the subject of what makes a good tattoo. Probably stayed a Holiday Inn, so he can comment on the proper way to conduct brain surgery as well.

Dude, if your not smart enough to even use spell check before posting your garbage, I’m fairly confident your not smart enough to be an expert of anything. Other than a lack of humanity and how to look like a complete ass while feeding your ego. As in; “Looky at me! I is an intelegent riter!”

Makes me wonder where some sites get the contributors to provide their content from?

Back to our heroine, though. Lara states that she is not much into tattoos, but she felt the grief of losing her father so suddenly should have some permanence in her life, thus the tattoo. Her fiancée, Australian cricket captain Michael Clarke, has her initials emblazoned on his bicep, just above a huge guardian angel.

Lara promised her father to raise awareness of bowel cancer in Oz for the rest of her life and has accepted a position as a leading ambassador for a cancer support group. She is now urging people to get regular check-ups after her father went undiagnosed for five years. About 90 per cent of cancer sufferers who are diagnosed early survive the disease.

Good for you, Love. And personally, I think your tattoo is aces!

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