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You May Drive a Minivan, But You’re Still Cool.

June 4th, 2009 by

Believe it or not, some people really like kids.  They are called parents.  In some cases, these “parents” even admit to loving kids.  Now let’s see here, what could I do if I had a child and wanted to remember them on a very personal level? Hmmm…what about a…tattoo?!  Excellent idea, yes.  

Some people are doing just that and getting tattoos of their children, or their children’s favourite toys, or in some cases, even getting their own children’s artwork tattooed on to them. Which incidentally, I like very much, Mr. The Portrait of Kid’s Self Portraits.  I’m not so sure about the connect the dots one, though.  The last thing I want to do is give a bored kid a marker and my flesh as a canvas.  Meh…whatever.

Maybe it’s just me (and it quite possibly could be), but isn’t there a little bit of a competitive vibe here with the different parents getting all the different baby or child tattoos?  It’s sort of like who can get a more original representation of their child tattooed first.  That’s cool and all, because who doesn’t like a little bit of competition now and again?  But let’s just keep this civil alright?  No, My kid is better than your kid nonsense, all right?  No soccer mom fist fight in some church parking lot somewhere, if you please.

Let’s keep it civil, folks.

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