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July 27th, 2009 by

In a previous post, I had provided links to and a sound opinion on (as far as I’m concerned anyway), literary tattoos.  In case you missed that post and have zero inclination whatsoever to click on the that link I just offered you, here’s the gist of it all:  I like literary tattoos.

Cool.  Now that we’ve got that out of the way, I was just zipping around on the internet today, when I discovered that not only do tattoo enthusiasts love literary tattoos, but so do people who write books (I think they’re called writers).  Actually in this case, the writers happen to be editors and independent ones at that.  Go indie.  Hell yeah.  Justin Taylor and Eva Talmadge are putting together a photo book of literary tattoos and they want your help.

An open call for submissions has begun:

“All images must include the name (or pseudonym) of the tattoo bearer, city and state or country, and a transcription of the text itself, along with its source. For portraits or illustrations, please include the name of the author or book on which it’s based. We’d also like to read a few words about the tattoo’s meaning to you — why you chose it, when you first read that poem or book, or how its meaning has evolved over time. How much (or how little) you choose to say about your tattoo is up to you, but a paragraph or two should do the trick.”

If you have some sort of tattoo that could be classified as “literary”, then I suggest reading the entire article here. This is your chance to have your tattoo immortalized for a second time in your life.  Do it!

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