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Meet Ben Her!

July 12th, 2009 by

Though tattoo and being a tattoo artist in Japan are two things more often associated with the Japanese mafia, or Yakuza instead of mainstream Japanese society, being foreign and trying to find your place as a successful tattoo artist is even further from such mainstream acceptance.   

Enter Minneapolis native Ben Her.  After being hooked on Japanimation at the early age of 11, Her kept a steady obsession going with Japanese art.  This eventually culminated in him making the big move to the land of the rising sun in 2002.  Her soon ended up in Osaka, where he began the lengthy and difficult road to secure himself an apprenticeship at Osaka’s Chopstick Tattoo.

Fast forward a few years and as of 2007, Her is now a professional tattoo artist at Chopstick Tattoo, tattooing under the name Hori Benny. He speaks both English and Japanese, and one look at his portfolio should be enough to answer any questions you may have about his work.  

Although Her admits that he enjoys doing all genres of tattoo work, it is evident that Japanimation plays an influential role in his style, with its colorful flourishes and often dark sensibilities.  

This guy definitely has got some skills.  Sugoi, ne! 

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