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Meet Virginia Elwood!

July 19th, 2009 by

Virginia Elwood is sort of hard to keep track of.  She seems to move around a lot.  She’s not denying it, either.  Travel actually seems to be a big part of her work and lifestyle.

I love to travel. You just learn and it’s inspiring. I kind of have wanderlust. It’s hard to just stay in one spot. Being able to travel as much as I do, I hope, cures that because I own a house here. I most recently went to New York and Boston and then to Paris to work, and this is just since April. God, I travel a lot. I’ve been to Miami twice, I leave tomorrow for California, and then I’ll be in New York for a week after that, all for work.

Elwood tattooed professionally for four years, apprenticing at Fat Ram’s Pumpkin Tattoo in Boston, Massachusetts.  After working in various places, she was then reeled in by reality TV show Miami Ink to do a couple of guest spots.  She left Boston to work at Inkvision, in Boise, Idaho and then, in October of 2007, she headed to New York City, where she currently tattoos at NY Adorned.  Phew.  Busy lady.

Portraits are her favourite tattoos to do, though she certainly isn’t limited to strictly doing one type of tattoo.  Check out her excellent old school diver being attacked by a rather stoned looking giant squid.  I love it.  Hell, do yourself a favour and take a look at all her work, here and here as well.  It’s all very impressive.

Not to limit herself solely to tattoo and travelling and appearing on television, Elwood has also started her own clothing line called Pedaler, with friend and business partner Trinity Kerr.  The line comes out of both women’s love for cycling and their dismay over the lack of fashionable cyclist commuter wear.

Holy smokes!  This is one talented and very busy artist.  I can tell you one thing, the next time I visit New York, I’m stopping by NY Adorned.

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