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Starlight Tattoo Coupon for $50

July 17th, 2009 by

With tattoos being such a subjective experience between the client and the tattoo artist, I would whip out the coupon after getting the tattoo finished. I always wondered why restaurants make you show your coupon before you order, but assumed it couldn’t be for a reason that benefited me… luckily there is no fine print on this coupon. $50 bucks off a tattoo that’s a good chunk of change even if you do have to spend $150. I wonder does the $50 coupon count as part of the $150??? 😉 It’s clever and not a surprise that traditional marketing tactics are being used to help move more tattoos…. a cooler coupon, if you ask me, would be Buy One, Get One Free Tattoos where both tattoos have to be the same.

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