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Tattoo Couture

July 15th, 2009 by

This weekend, New York City tattoo artist Friday Jones officially opened her brand spanking new tattoo studio, Friday Jones Fifth Ave. Jones, who apparently officially coined the term “tattoo couture”, is doing something a little different with this studio.  Says Jones:

I love the peace and philosophical approach we can enjoy in the privacy of the tattoo couture studio – that’s the real motivation behind the concept.  It’s simply another evolutionary turn of a truly ancient art, where the human directive to honor and beautify itself takes many forms. I’m so happy to be practicing this perennial craft in one of the most significant marketplaces imaginable.”

So what exactly is “tattoo couture”, you ask?  Well, as far as I can tell, it involves the blending of a traditional tattoo shop with the comforts and pampering of a spa.  Jones’ Fifth Ave studio for example, offers a variety of different services prior to clients actually receiving their artwork.  These involve, but are not limited to: massage, manicure and pedicure.

It’s certainly a different approach to tattooing, though I am uncertain as to exactly why one needs to have their finger nails filed and buffed before they get down to the business of having a tattoo done.  Perhaps it’s something the type of clientele that Jones caters to are interested in.  After all, her previous patrons include Angelina Jolie (I know, I know, who hasn’t tattooed Angelina Jolie?), but also Robbie Williams and the Neville Brothers, to name a few.

In addition to the new shop and the “tattoo couture” that Jones is offering, she is also launching a wholesome tattoo care line, products which aim to soothe your skin after having tattoo work done.

All of this is of course, bound to have its share of detractors, but this is interesting stuff.  Not my cup of tea and a little excessive in my personal opinion, but it’s still a unique spin on an industry that continues to evolve on a daily basis.

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