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Adam Carolla’s beef with Tattoos

August 30th, 2009 by

Many people know Adam Carolla from TV and radio with shows like Love lines and The man show. Now a days he’s breaking records on itunes with his podcast The Adam Carolla Podcast. The reason I’m writing about this is because he said something that bothered me. According to Carolla people with tattoos have no personality and need tattoos as an artificial way to be interesting. I like Adam Carolla but that’s not a fair assessment. I know Carolla is known for being kind of a straight talker but he needs to stop talking about things he does not know.

Their are people who get tattooed just because its “cool” or they want to look tough on stage when they perform with their band. I’ve come across those idiots before. Every culture produces some idiots. Tattooing has been around way before the bad reasons to get tattooed have been. Now I know that tattoos aren’t for everyone but getting a tattoo doesn’t mean your lacking personality. How about the woman who had a bad surgery that has left a scar. If it can be tattooed we can take something that makes someone feel bad about their body and change that for them , boosting their self esteem. Or how about someone who lost their brother, father , sister or brother. A portrait can help honor them. It can help with the grieving process. I haven’t even touched on the artistic aspect of tattooing yet.

Paper, canvas and skin are very different. You can draw really well and not be able to tattoo for shit. I’m a lover of all arts and Tattooing is an art. The technique of tattooing is something to be admired. Different people have different types of skin. Sometimes the skin is hard to tattoo. Yeah and try to tattoo someone who doesn’t take direction well. They move around give the tattoo artist a new challenge. Hey Adam why don’t you just try doings a single straight line across someone’s arm and we’ll see how much respect you have for the art. Again I do like Adam Carolla but I strongly disagree with his views on this subject. I understand that too many people have tattoos for the wrong reasons but I’ve seen more good reasons then bad. More great art then bad. Don’t judge a person with a tattoo. People get tattoos for bad and good reasons but just remember there the ones who have to live with it.

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