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August 30th, 2009 by

It just never seems to stop.  Every day, everywhere, someone is coming up with a new way to capitalize on the colossal status of tattoos.  I just can’t be surprised anymore when I read about or hear about something new or some new method of incorporating tattoo art with everyday things.

The most recent concept that I’ve read about is the “Ink and Stay” package at trendy Venice Beach, California hotel, The Hotel Erwin.  Starting at a rate of $399 with a minimum advance booking of 7 days, the Ink and Stay package includes: a $100 tattoo voucher for a tattoo from the hotel’s in-house tattoo artist Norm, lubriderm lotion and an ice pack, a bottle of tequila and temporary tattoos if you don’t actually want to commit to getting real tattoo work done.  They’ll also switch up your $100 tattoo voucher to a $500 tattoo voucher if you get “I Heart Hotel Erwin” done.

Hmmm…I’m not sure how much Norm charges per hour, but I’m pretty much positive that a $100 tattoo voucher would enable you to get very, very little tattoo work done.  Still, you’ve got to hand it to the hotel: they certainly know how to tap into a demographic.  Of course, for all the money you’ll spend staying at the Hotel Erwin just so you can get a $100 tattoo voucher, you could go somewhere and get an amazing tattoo done.  I mean, if you really just want to get a tattoo done, it’s probably better to save your money and do just that.  But, if you’re visiting LA and want to try something different, maybe the Ink and Stay package is for you.  Just be sure to book before December 30th 2009, because that’s when the “deal” ends.

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