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Embroidered Tattoo.

August 3rd, 2009 by

From time to time we have featured many off beat and unusual tattoos here Back Pieceat Tattoo Blog. Between Matt, Mike, and yours truly we have put up everything from the ridiculous to the sublime. Well, just when I think we’ve seen it all, leave it to another collector to prove once again that the Ol’ Doc ain’t seen nothing’ yet.

Case in point: Glitch-Vixen recently posted a picture of her amazing back piece on Flickr. Now I had thought that over the years I had seen, and done, some pretty wonderful pieces on all sorts of body parts, but this tattoo is one of a kind in all the areas that make for a killer custom tattoo.

Lets go down the list, shall we?

Original tattoo idea? Check!
origional art
Serious sentimental value? Check! (I’ll explain later.)

Unusual design? Check!

Bigger than a quarter? Check!

All kidding aside, Glitch-Vixen had her terrific back piece done from an embroidery design that was created by her grandmother. A true tribute of love if there ever was one. With the exception that some of the colors are brighter than the original work of art, it is obviously a faithful re-creation and I envy the artist who got the job.

Well done, Vixen. You’ve pushed the envelope with both taste and style.

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