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August 13th, 2009 by

A friend of mine was talking about writing. Naturally, being the proud bastard that I am I began to brag about writing for Tattoo Blog. His reaction kind of took me aback. “How can you keep writing about tattoos? Seems to me you’d run out of things to write about.” He said. Just goes to show what he knows.Pinup girl

One of the benefits of writing about tattoos is the pure diversity of the tattoo community. I’m willing to bet that I could write about tattooing, and the tattoo community for the next fifty years and still barely scratch the surface. You guys out there just keep getting more and more creative.

Believe me, that’s a good thing. On to ‘Ol Doc’s latest discovery.

While looking over Matt’s last few posts on brand tattoos I got to thinking; “I’ll just bet that there are even more themed tattoos out there, about some amazing subjects.” Well, once again the tattoo world didn’t disappoint me.

Enter “Tattoos in Flight” a website dedicated to, as they proudly say, “an ongoing gallery of flight and aviation-related tattoos collected from around the web.”

Now I do like all things to do with flying as well. I love the feel of being high above the ground just soaring through the clouds. I even tried my hand at hang gliding a few times. That’s a rush I’ll have to get back into at some point.

But I digress, if you have a thing for planes, and cool tattoos click the link and check this brand of themed tattoos out. Hell, if you just like some damn fine origional tattoos check them out. This one picture can not do the site justice, and you’ll learn quite a bit about planes and aviation as well, if your interested.

Peace out, Gang! 😉


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