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Julio Rodriguez: Makin’ It Work.

August 3rd, 2009 by

When researching artists to interview for Tattoo Blog, every once in a while I get the pleasure to meet some really talented and down to earth people. Julio Rodriguez is one of those special people.

His talent is self evident from the few examples of his work here. You have to check out his on-line gallery to appreciate just how versatile he really is. The man himself is just as caring in his character as he is in his art.
“I started tattooing in 1992 before the explosion of the internet and the friendly atmosphere tattooing has become. I think it was way harder to land an apprenticeship. It was a different time. Its crazy to see how much this industry is changing on a daily basis due to all the media and shows and the internet. I think its made tattooing better in the sense that there isn’t any reason to be a bad tattooer anymore.”

Julio learned his art from the heart by taking art classes throughout his years in High school, and taking advanced courses in art during the summer. This, of course, shows in his understanding of art, but he sights his biggest influences in the art of tattooing as being all of the fine artists he has had the privilege of working with through out his career.

“Over the years I’ve worked with some great artists and they have all had an impact on how I tattoo. I worked at Turnpike Tattoo, Darkside Tattoo, and now Hope Gallery is my home were I work with Joe Capobianco, Eric Merrill, Tim Harris, and Phil Young. These guys are top shelf and keep me on my toes everyday.”
By the time Julio was seventeen he knew he wanted to be a tattoo artist. He collected every thing he could find that had anything to do with tattoos. Not only the trade magazines, but Easyrider, and even National Geographic. As long as the magazine, or book had people with tattoos in their pages, Julio would make it his. Now, I’d be willing to bet that is one impressive collection.

Julio down plays his achievements. It’s part of his humble nature and I hope I don’t embarrass him too much by singing his praises, but, damn it I like his work!
“I’ve had a few features in magazines, and its cool, but I think anyone who has the ability to send some nice clear photos and is willing to tell their story can be featured too, so I don’t put too much stock in it. Same thing with awards, its cool that my clients have won awards, but its more satisfying to know that they’re happy with what I’ve done on them.”

Check out Julio, as well as Joe, Eric, Tim, and Phil at their website, I’m certain you won’t be disappointed.

I should also mention that Hope Gallery will be moving to better quarters soon. The new address and phone number are:

Hope Gallery
835 Woodward Ave.
New Haven ,CT

(203) 467-1622

Julio books appointments a couple of months at a time, and can also be reached for appointment at his e-mail;

If you happen to be in the Connecticut area, or are just looking for some killer ink, shoot Julio an e-mail. You won’t regret it.


All images ©by Julio Rodriguez, All Rights Reserved.

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