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Meet Rob Admiraal!

August 8th, 2009 by

Some people may not be aware of this, but there are a lot of other things to do in the gorgeous city of Amsterdam other than smoke pot and ogle prostitutes.  Fortunately, one of those things happens to be getting tattooed by the wicked Dutch tattoo artist, Rob Admiraal.

Tattooing professionally since 1993, Rob owns and operates Admiraal Tattoo, a private tattoo studio in the heart of Amsterdam.  Aside from Rob, Admiraal Tattoo employees three other talented tattoo artists.  Rob specializes in Japanese tattoo, and has journeyed numerous times to Japan in order to study the art form as well as to have his back piece completed by the incredible Japanese tattoo artist, Horitsune II.

As a matter of fact, one of Rob’s most recent projects has been the completion of the documentary film Onko Chishin, which details his quest to have his Horitsune II back piece completed during a journey to Osaka.  In addition to this, the documentary takes a look at tattooing in Japan, its legacy, its artists, its taboos and the Western impact on traditional Japanese tattooing.  The film is directed by Rogier Postma.

Rob’s work definitely showcases the time and study that he’s put into it.  His attitude toward tattooing is a great one, acknowledging the importance of individuality in each piece that his clients receive from him:

“Every tattoo is specifically created for the client. I thoroughly visualize the image beforehand. Since I consider my work a service I am used to working together with my clients to get the look they want. An inherent restriction of a tattoo is that the black ink tends to spread on the skin over a period of time. With the restrictions in mind I simplify the essence of the image to create a strong, longlasting tattoo. It’s not the image itself but the way it is done which determines it’s distinction and gives it it’s power and expression. If the tattoo is applied immaculately, it’s going to stay looking good on the skin for life. Obviously, all this is something you can only come across with tattooing.”

There you have it, an artist who understands his craft and the importance of applying that craft precisely to ensure a great looking piece of art.  It’s not just about drawing pretty pictures and Rob Admiraal knows it.

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