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Meet Vinny Romanelli!

August 26th, 2009 by

In the grand scheme of things, eight years isn’t really that long of a period to have spent tattooing.  It’s not just tattooing either, typically in order to really have your art form down, whether it’s painting or writing or acting for that matter, it takes years and years.  Despite this, there are from time to time those few artists whose work is already so accomplished that even within the first few years of their career, it’s apparent that they are just purely talented.

Such is the case with New York City tattoo artist Vinny Romanelli.  Originally from Long Island, Vinny now spends his days tattooing at New York City’s Red Rocket Tattoo.  What really sets Vinny apart from his contemporaries in the tattoo world is his ability to tattoo portraits.  Finding an artists who can really render a portrait well and do the very complex artwork justice is often a very difficult task.

Sure, Vinny Romanelli does other types of tattoos, but portrait work is where his skills truly shine. When one takes into consideration that he’s been tattooing for only eight years, it really is amazing how good he is.  Everything from Yoda to Michael Myers to Mr Rogers has been done by Vinny and every single one them is gorgeously rendered.

In this new generation of tattoo artists, names seem to quickly get thrust out into the mainstream, affording artists near instant recognition and respect.  I honestly don’t think it will be long before Vinny Romanelli’s name is commonly referenced and widely associated with quality tattoo work.

Check out Vinny’s online gallery here. You can also find him in the Red Rocket studio Tuesday to Saturday, 12pm-8pm.

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