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Miss Tattoo: Miss Betty Ann, xmas in July!

August 3rd, 2009 by

Miss Tattoo’s very own Betty Ann Peed…

Age: 25

Occupation: Body Piercer, Aesthetician, and Fun person

Newest Tattoo: Sacred tube of lipstick on right forearm.

Favorite Tattoo:  My newest one is my favoritest, I was reading an interview in a magazine when I was first starting to really get tattooed and the interviewee said if your newest isn’t your most favorite, then your coming up with bad ideas… I liked that statement and I keep that in mind each time I’m asked that question and every time I am about to get a new tattoo.

Tattoo Story: Instead of a funny story I’ll just say… My favorite tattoo memory is either my newest tattoo, which I’m not allowed to talk about especially on the interwebs because TLC made me sign a disclaimer… Or getting tattooed by Shawn from The Hive at the last Rock the Ink last year. He did my neck tattoo, which is the Miss Tattoo logo and def. one of my fav tattoos. I think it was my first experiences actually getting tattooed at a convention, so it makes it super memorable, plus it’s on the side of my NECK and HUGE and it’s the Miss Tattoo logo so I very much love it.

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