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Miss Tattoo: Miss Lili D’Lish

August 5th, 2009 by

The Lovely Lili D.
Age: 35

Occupation: Pageant Director, Miss Tattoo
Favorite Tattoo: I think it would be easier to talk about the least favorite — I’ve got some pretty dope flaming jack o’lanterns. Let’s just say they were from my younger years.

Funny Story for ya… I had shown up for an appointment with Mike Wilson, an artist I had been trying to get tattooed by for years, and he was doing a guest spot at Big Daddy’s Tattoo in Harbor City, CA, which is owned by my dear friend Rocco. Mike was not amused  by my initial choice and encouraged me to pick another concept (And in retrospect, I am so glad he made me choose something else!). As I was thinking about it he drew up the initial idea I had and applied the stencil to my hand. When I laid on the table for him to tattoo me, I naturally rested my head on the stenciled hand, but didn’t really think about it. Until everybody started laughing at me for having a stupid looking star on my cheek.

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