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My Adventures In Male Tattoo-Ad Prostitution Continue

August 5th, 2009 by

About 6 months after getting my tattoo advertisement, and donating my kidney to a friend, I had my first tough man fight since the surgery. I have to admit I was pretty nervous about the fight. After all I hadn’t really been training like I should. I think what helped me to relax was when the announcer of the fight said to the crowd,” that sure looks like a real tattoo advertisement, “and then he said, “I have just been informed that is a real tattoo advertisement.” I ended up winning the fight to stay unbeaten. would be the first company to advertise on me, but it would not be the last. There would be many, many more. Quite some time had passed since I got my first tattoo advertisement. Everything was going well financially and then it happened. I was laid off at the Post Office. What could I do to come up with some cash to help pay the bills?

Could I become a prostitute like the man on the HBO show Hung? No, my Fiancé wouldn’t be happy about that. Plus, I am pretty sure it’s illegal. There had to be a way to come up with some cash. Then it hit me. Why don’t I auction my body on eBay for tattoo advertising? So that’s what I did. The only problem was I didn’t have a lot of feedback on eBay at the time, so I couldn’t do a featured auction. My auction didn’t get many hits. Because of that the end auction price was very low. Any little bit helps when you’re struggling. The winning bidder wanted to advertise 2 websites on me;, and I said sure. They chose to advertise on my arms. My left arm now says , and my right arm sells sexy women’s lingerie and club wear. And is a nutritional website.

While doing the EBay auction, and prostituting my body for advertising space, I thought about it and decided it wouldn’t be about the money. If I made some money doing tattoo advertising then cool, if not then that was cool to, but the main thing would be to have fun and hopefully get attention. And with the attention that I get, I wanted to raise awareness for the need of people to sign up to become organ donors when they pass away, to help save lives. And to try and get people to become blood donors as well. Those are 2 passions of mine from having donated a kidney to a friend myself, and having donated 22 gallons of blood platlets.

When doing the auction on eBay , I also noticed there were other people doing similar auctions . That’s when I decided I wanted to be the best at what I do. Anything I do I always want to be the best at it. I decided them I would be the best human billboard out there. I want to get my whole body ,and face, covered in tattoo advertisements from head to toe. Stay tuned for my next post about my adventures in tattoo advertising.

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