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Bad Politics

September 29th, 2009 by

Politics are always a hot topic.  It’s one of the few topics out there that ranges from extreme beliefs to none at all.  It’s also one of those topics guaranteed to always cause an argument of some sort.  I really can’t think of many topics in which opinions and feelings (with the exception of religion), run so high that to say or believe the wrong thing in the presence of the wrong people can have catastrophic results.

As it so happens, tattoos and politics are no strangers to one another.  And just as the nature of politics is divisive and controversial, political tattoos aren’t much different, except that political tattoos have an additional burden to bear other than just being political: the actual quality of the tattoo itself.  If you’ve got a political tattoo and the artwork is crap, then you are in for some serious razzing.  People who hate your politics will rip on you for your tattoo as well as the quality, and people who agree with your politics can still potentially have a go at you over the terrible artwork permanently etched on to your flesh.

The folks at The Huffington Post are currently in the process of proving my point, with a new feature on their site entitled The Worst Political Tattoos of All Time. Now to be fair, some of these tattoos are actually not that badly done, but they get mocked simply because someone chose to have them done in the first place.  The Huffington Post is actually encouraging people to send in photos of terrible political tattoos that they or someone else may have, so that the entire world can have a good laugh.

Oh well, if there’s one thing that politics needs more of, it’s laughter.

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