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Art that adorns the flesh… Tattoo Advertisement

September 4th, 2009 by

Not long after getting my tattoo advertisement on my neck, I started emailing more websites. One of the websites I emailed was I had googled tattoo advertising and saw that GrownUpGeek had advertised on another man in the past, I thought they might want to advertise on me as well. I emailed them, and the owner of the site emailed me back right away.

GrownUpGeek.Com is a website that offers help to help beginners in many subjects and even has a forum section dedicated to tattoos. The owner is an awsome person and I am very happy to be advertising for him. As you can see from the photo they are advertising on my lower back. is my 8th permenent tattoo advertisement. So far is the latest website – company to advertise on me. Wait until you see my next post about the next 2 websites to advertise on me, ones going on my forehead the others going on my chest.The deal has allready been done. I Have an appointment for those tattoo advertisement on the 10th.

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