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Art that adorns the flesh… On My Chest On My Face

September 11th, 2009 by



  I want to state up front if you are under 18 please do not go to the websites listed in this post of mine.

 Not long after getting my Tattoo advertisement, I once again started contacting websites. I thought about it and decided to email a different kind of website. I started emailing you guessed it adult websites, or porn websites. I am not going to lie, I have watched porn. Heck I still do. What man doesn’t?  Hopefully my fiance is not reading this, or I am in trouble. Sure my passion is helping people but I have a wild side also who doesn’t?

      So I started emailing adult – porn stars that were my favorite. I emailed Evelyn Lin, and Minka they are two of the most famous Asian Porn stars in the business. First Evelyn Lin emailed me back. Evelyn Lin is an awsome person I gotta start off by saying that, she really is. She said my email asking her if she was interested in tattoo advertising on me was one of the most interesting emails shes received.  She also said she was interested in advertising on me. She choose my chest to advertise on. I am going to be getting that tattoo advertisement this week. The only thing I am waiting on is my tattoo artist. The studio where I have recived all my tattoo ads is very busy and are generally booked up 3 weeks out.  I am very excited to advertise for Evelyn Lin and I will post photos once the advertisements are finished.

        It was not long after Evelyn Lin choose to advertise on me that Minka emailed me back. She has an awsome website called I am going to be honest here I enjoy going to her website very much. Minka is a very nice person as well. So far everyone I have advertised for have been really nice people. I have been very lucky. Minka let me know that she was interested in advertising on me.  I asked her what location she would be interested in advertising on. No, I know what your thinking she did not choose that area. She choose my forehead. was the first website to advertise on my face, but she wont be the last to advertise on my face there is more to come!

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