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Meet Angelique Houtkamp!

September 28th, 2009 by

Some time ago, I did a tattoo artist profile on Rob Admiraal, owner of the Amsterdam based tattoo studio Admiraal Tattoo.  No doubt about it, Rob’s got some skills, but in addition to that, Admiraal Tattoo is one of if not the best tattoo studio in Holland.  Need further proof than the skills of its owner?  Then look no further than Angelique Houtkamp, one of the most original and dynamic tattoo artists that I have seen in some time.

Angelique’s work samples inspiration from numerous sources and although her roots are Dutch, much of her work is firmly rooted in American imagery, specifically the female Hollywood/Flapper styles of the 1920’s and 30’s.  Yet that description hardly sums up Angelique’s style, as there is everything from hints of classic nautical design to…well, hell, maybe I’ll just leave it up to Angelique’s own website to sum it all up:

“Her work is deceptively simple, instantly recognisable and often humorous. Classic old school tattoo imagery mixed with mythological dreams, antropomorphed critters, nautical iconography and haunting Hollywood romance by way of Angelique’s distinctive painterly magic and  eye for style.”

Too true.  Her art is instantly recognizable and aside from her career as a tattoo artist, Angelique also paints, with her prints for sale and her art regularly showing at art galleries around the world.  Her most recent show was this past August at the Eclectix Gallery in El Cerrito, California.  This October, Angelique will be having a solo art show and release party in both Syndey and Melbourne, Australia, at the Outré Gallery for her second book (yes, she also puts out books), “Tattoo Mystique”.

If all that’s not enough Angelique Houtkamp for you, she also sells some very cool T-Shirts. Take a look at some of Angelique’s tattoo work right here.

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