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Miss Tattoo: Miss Cupcake!

September 4th, 2009 by

Name: Angela La Jeunesse “The Cupcake Pin-up”


Occupation: Cake Artist and culinary arts major

Newest Tattoo: my cupcake pin-up on my right calf
Favorite Tattoo and Why?: my favorite tattoo would beeeee…hmmmm….this is a hard question because they all mean so much to me….i think it would have to be my miss wild card crown….it is my chest piece and rightfully so because miss tattoo holds a very big place in my heart.

Tell me a funny story about a tattoo or piercing situation…funny tattoo story? uhhhhhh i guess it would have to be my theigh piece i got it done the day before good friday and then i went on a 11 mile pilgrimage with my family…at the end of the walk my roses on my tattoo were so swollen i started calling them my leg boobs

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