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Miss Tattoo: Miss Janice

September 2nd, 2009 by

Janice D.
Age: 34

Occupation: Bookkeeper, Family business – Jet Uniform

Semi Prescious Jewel Company Designer, Owner, – Princess Creations

Newest Tattoo: Dogs paws on right side

Favorite Tattoo and Why?: My dogs paws, Cause my girl lived for me. She gave me the best 15 years. As people say dogs are bitches…….well its true and my girl and I were the same. I loved her.. She had to be put down because of bone cancer. And I will always have her paws on me for life. she’ll always be with me. I LOVE YOU, Tiffany !!

Tell me a funny story about a tattoo or piercing situation…

I went to have my nipples pierced and the guy almost dies, he never did large breast before and he was so red and sweating. he is 23 and named “Click”, he was so nervous. He passed out and I thought that I was actually gonna be, but wasnt. I almost killed the poor kid. LOL.  But my ninnys came out great…..But I Had to hold his hand….not for me being in pain because he was so shy and nervous…HAHAHA

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