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Miss Tattoo: Miss Rebecca Lore

September 17th, 2009 by

Name: Rebecca Lore
Age: 28
Occupation: Lighting Designer for Theater/Music/Live events
Newest Tattoo: My newest tattoo is on my right hip area.  It is a Mexican Sugar Skull.  Around are some vegetables.  There is corn, chili pepper, and an avocado.  The seed of the avocado is a light bulb.  About the images it says “Straight Edge” and under the images it says ” Hasta La Muerte, Wey!”.  This tattoo means so many things to me.  It will always make me thing of Mexico (i got it while in Mexico when i first met my husband).  It is my first Straight Edge tattoo and also have my love of lights and being a veggie in it!
Favorite Tattoo and Why?: My favorite tattoo would have to be my sleeve.  It is so beautiful and really is a constant reminder of how i love to live life. It is based off of the lyrics to the song “This is not an ext” by Saves The Day.
Tell me a funny story about a tattoo or piercing situation…:
Well I hid my tattoos from my family for a long time.  I was at a nail salon one day getting a chair massage when i suddenly passed out.  They called an ambulance to come and help me.  They took me and put me on the stretcher and when to hook intervenes into my left arm which is the tattooed arm.  I managed to become conscious enough to tell them to please do it on the other arm because i didn’t want my parents to come to the hospital and see that i have a full sleeve tattoo.  They found it pretty funny that in that condition I was still worried about my parents seeing my arm.
My parents get to the hospital to see me and I am laying in the bed in the hospital gown and the hoodie half on to cover my arm. After a long time of waiting it was time to go.  The nurse took out the intervenes and left the room. Something was wrong because blood was dripping to the floor and without even thinking to took off my hoodie that was covering my tattoo and went to find the nurse.  So long story short my parents ended up seeing it anyway!!

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